Amara has reached its final heights

amara in phnom penh

Our next project, the Amara Tower, has now reached its final stage of construction, with the topping. We will now start advertising and selling this property on a larger scale. Should you be interested, visit our new website:  

On-the-job staff training

staff vtrust

When managing large office spaces for our tenants, we need to ensure our staff has the best knowledge possible about many different aspects of the industry. As such, Vtrust Property has a series of internal training courses aimed at bringing the level of competency of everyone up to speed. We train on safety measures, especially […]

We are taking measure to slow the spread of the Covid-19

We, at Vtrust, are taking all necessary measures to first ensure the safety of all our tenants, but also to slow the spread of the virus in a more global scale. For instance, we are checking everyone upon entry. Should they look unhealthy, coughing or breathing erratically, should they have a higher temperature reading or […]